Who We Are

MicroBloggingMD puts a new face on clinical data—filtering and delivering meaningful patient data clinicians need to provide timely, patient-centric care, from anywhere. MicroBloggingMD is HIPAA compliant which allows you to eliminate texting of PHI. Initiate a secure conversation with one or more recipients.

First to market with a hospital financial system running on PC's and a PC network

Designed web based electronic health record system known as Webchart.

50+ Hospitals & Health Communities across North America March 2018





Developed a new clinical system that ran in a true relational database

Launch MicroBloggingMD: HIMSS 2010

Simplicity & Efficiency

We work closely with our clients to make their existing workflows simpler, more efficient, and ultimately more effective.

Decision Support

We provide our clients with access to comprehensive data, intelligent analysis, and the ability to facilitate collaborative communication.

Our Team

At M2, we have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We offer our clients a nimble, responsive, creative, and tailored experience.

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HIPAA Compliant secure messaging means providers, nurses, and hospital staff are connected and able to securely and efficiently communicate PHI. Mobile devices can receive notifications and use MBMD's token-secured one-touch access to view and reply to new messages without the need for repeated logins. Fingerprint, PIN, and password authentication are also available for viewing of historical messages.

  • Single click accesses to initiate conversation
  • Configurable single click options to enter secure environment and conversation
  • Colored icon to indicate message view status
  • Ability to control recipient visibility
  • Text message, SMS, push notification or email for conversation updates
  • Indication of viewed content
  • Dialable phone numbers in text of message
  • Integration with ASCOM, Cisco, Spectralink for nursing notification of conversation updates
  • Assign shared phones to individuals for shifts
  • Receive and relay from E-Mail or paging services (SNPP)
  • Capture images in conversation
  • Indication of each participant’s entry/exit from conversation
  • Real time indication of mobile phone dialer activation
  • Credential passthrough for thin client in windows application
  • Urgent message flagging, with repeating alert until entered
  • Follow message optional alert if message not accessed within designated time (minutes)
  • Add new participant to conversation
  • Forward conversation snippet to new recipient/conversation
  • User controlled unavailable (off duty) flag
  • Auto-reply message
  • Auto-forward if unavailable
  • Schedule unavailable, auto-reply and auto-forward in advance
  • On-demand nudge notification to conversation participant
  • Low signal reconnecting notification in app
  • Archive messages as desired
  • Search all messages for text content
  • Keyword explosions system-wide and for individual user
  • Templated messaging with integrated data elements
  • Message template and properties based on call panel group
  • Support multiple notification endpoints (push, text, e-mail) and devices
  • Templated response document based on alert
  • Initiate message from link in EHR
  • System unique tone for push notifications
  • Administrative Broadcast Messaging

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Closely monitor clinical results for early warnings; setting parameters for the alerts you receive. As an example, choose to receive antibiotic stewardship alerts or out-of-range lab results. You may also choose to receive mobile notifications for any events you have subscribed to.

Subscription Alerts

  • Allow individual selection of alert events
  • Post to alert queue without supplemental mobile device alert
  • Alert for completed diagnostics (lab, imaging, etc.) based on patient type
  • Alert for completed STAT orders
  • Alert for user defined result ranges
  • Alert for user specific result values
  • Alert for CRITICAL flagged values
  • Allow site definition of alert criteria based on any available data element
  • Apply algorithms and weighting of results to determine alerts
  • Alert on trending comparisons
  • Alert on variations from baseline observations
  • VIP or patient affiliation alert
  • Produce alert when action has not been performed or data is not present
  • Select open order from list to request completion notification
  • Alert to department for new or updated order
  • Time sensitive alert for new afterhours order
  • Parse text results for subscription values (resistant antibiotic in culture)

Group Subscription Alerts

  • Direct defined alerts to group for review not to an individual
  • Worklist organization of subscription alerts
  • Group message escalation alert
  • Patient action generates alerts message to group (kiosk)
  • Selective archiving of alerts by group members

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MBMD offers a comprehensive On-Call Calendar and Callboard solution that allows hospital staff to quickly and securely message on-call providers. We support interfacing with all major calendar systems as well as templated calendars that follow pre-determined patterns.

  • Master calendar with group and specialist classifications
  • Centralized view-only calendar accessible on intranet
  • Designated administration of calendar by each group
  • Assign more than one person simultaneously to a coverage group
  • Variable shift or coverage length
  • Allow for direct secure messaging contact from panel
  • Indicate communication preference on panel
  • Vary communication method based on time of day or day of week
  • Monitor outstanding messages, escalate as needed
  • Define calendar and callboard views specific to users or functions
  • Limit access to calendars and callboards by security privileges
  • Integration with text files or scheduling applications for batch load
  • Scripted time-based communications preference

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Messaging and monitoring with group focus. Flexible distribution lists with on duty indicators and escalation functions as needed.

  • Search & Select groups from lookup
  • Maintain distribution list groups
  • Message to an entire group or select individual(s) from group
  • Automatically route to current on-call group members within group
  • Turn reply notifications off
  • Turn reply notifications on only for initiator
  • Auto reply notice setting based on number of conversation participants
  • Remove participant from message based on privileges
  • Vary text or push notification message from pull down
  • Add user to conversation
  • Remove user from conversation
  • Individual user control alert level (mute)
  • Selective view of available users based on group membership and security

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Native mobile applications, windows desktop executable with extensive browser support. Seamless transfer from one platform to another with common user interface across devices.

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Immediate feedback and automated monitoring of conversation status. Physician aware visual displays indicate status to conversation initiator. Tree structure allows for highly customized escalation processes.

  • Integration with AD/LDAP for user configuration and application access
  • Stage user visibility after LDAP integration
  • Real-time validation at each access to verify active status
  • Allow for site defined security protocols and standards
  • HIPAA logging and retention

  • Administrative control over user on-duty status within groups
  • Integration with single sign on
  • Support additional sites from single infrastructure environment
  • SQL reporting and analysis tools
  • Management statistical reporting for response time and volumes by user

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Comprehensive real time interfaces for all clinical data elements using point to point or engine input and output. Flexible parsing of datasets, unstructured text and many file formats for clinical events and schedules.

  • Administrative overview of outstanding messages by area or type
  • Flexible auto-escalation by type and recipient
  • Alert tree escalation by type

  • Group access to existing messages and ability to participate for shift change
  • Code Alert Broadcast Workflow with on-duty based notifications and escalation

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Auto populated from interfaces for both individuals and groups. Group lists can be defined based on clinician working relationships or any element of patient data including location, financial data or clinical indicators. Direct access to mobile EHR data from patient list.

  • Extremely flexible and self-configuring interfaces. All HL7 event types for clinical information (ADT, Orders, Results, Documents)
  • Interface monitoring and recovery functions

  • User configured views
  • Interface transactions per site

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Personal Patient List

  • Populate based on physician relationship
  • Populate based on order or document
  • Access mobile EHR directly from patient list
  • Rounding tool with current DX and location
  • Message to other care givers from patient list
  • Add patients from group list to personal list
  • Remove patients from personal list

Group Patient List

  • Group member’s patients populate group list
  • Create group patient lists based on patient data
  • Allow assignment to members (case managers)
  • Define groups based on attendings for residents
  • Rounding notes added to patients on group lists
  • Create group lists based on patient location
  • Create group lists based on specific meds on patient’s profile
  • Bulk selection from group list to add to personal list

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  • Anti-Coag Clinic. Order placed as inpatient for follow-up in clinic
  • Anti-Infectives - 48 Hours - Antibiotic Report – Alert for 48-hour review
  • Anticoagulants. Patient list for patients on specified meds
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Report- Patient list of patients on targeted antibiotics
  • BBI Steroids. New order alert for patients on Basal Bolus protocol
  • C.diff Positive. Positive C Diff result alert group
  • Clozapine. Patient list
  • Coumadin. Patient list
  • DC Med Rec Review. Alert for discharge ordered by physician indicating need for pharmacy medication review and reconciliation
  • Heparin Monitoring. Patient list with INR graph
  • IHI Triggers. Pharmacy defined ranges of lab results.

  • Patient list
  • Micro Resistance. Alert for Positive culture with sensitivity indicating organism resistant to antibiotic currently on the patient’s profile.
  • Pharmacotherapy Consult. Alert for physician order requesting consult
  • Pharmacy Messages. Alert list
  • Pharmacy to dose. Patient list showing all pharmacy to dose orders.
  • Positive Cultures. Alert from microbiology results
  • Probiotic. Patient list for patients with probiotics on their profile
  • SUP ICU. Stress ulcer prophylaxis patient list for ICU
  • SUP Non-ICU. Stress ulcer prophylaxis patient list outside of ICU
  • Tamiflu. Patient list for all patients with Tamiflu on profile