October 2014

Glendale Adventist Medical Center Turns to MicroBloggingMD to Support Targeted Clinical Initiatives

Romic Eskandarian, Pharm. D., Director of Pharmaceutical Services at GAMC, discusses the reason he looked at MicroBloggingMD to help improve outcomes and the results his team is achieving.

    1. What challenge (s) were you facing prior to implementing MicroBloggingMD?

One of the primary challenges facing healthcare today is the ability to transparently navigate the ‘virtual space’ of data while presenting it back in an accurate,  meaningful and clinically-significant way aimed at providing premium patient care and improving outcomes.    

While we have used the MicroBlog for a number of clinical initiatives, our first significant usage was to solve data collection, notification and management issues in a targeted project evaluating efficacy of intensive intervention with hyperglycemic patients.

We realized how difficult this project would be with a tool that could manage vast amounts of data.

    2. Can you briefly describe how you implemented the application to solve your primary challenge(s)?

We were able to incorporate & channel clinical results from pharmacy, chemistry and microbiology using MicroBloggingMD, then pivot and present the data in a meaningful form.  The intervention opportunities presented to us has been very beneficial.

The specific project required evaluating vast amounts of real-time data and performing historical assessments to identify potential candidates for aggressive glycemic intervention. We established a threshold of multiple elevated glucose values within a specific time frame which was adjusted over the course of the project.  We were able to create parameterized alerts from our criteria. Performing these selections manually would require significant resources. The real-time nature of the alerts allowed rapid response and improved outcomes.

We also identified a physician population that supported the initiative and pre-authorized our clinical pharmacologists to administer the protocol.  This information was incorporated into the MicroBlog alert, expediting the initiation of the intervention.

    3. Have you experienced the results you were looking for with MicroBloggingMD? If so, please explain.

Yes.  MicroBloggingMD has been able to meet our expectations. Mb has provided the    grand work of obtaining clinical data in many daily clinical pharmacy activities.

The intensive glycemic project is ongoing and demonstrating impressive results.  Since the introduction of the Basal-bolus project, we’ve seen an 11 point reduction in POC glucose for the entire patient population. Patients on the protocol exhibit significant reduction in average glucose following the initiation of the intervention versus similarly hyperglycemic patients without intervention.  Preliminary estimates indicate that the target hyperglycemic population length of stay (LOS) has been reduced by .14 days per patient.

    4. Is there a specific feature within the application that you depend upon?

Visually, at the user-interface level, the graphical and tabular display of our clinical data provides a rapid and much needed analytical snapshot. For this specific project we deployed a summary page displaying each patient’s glucose histogram with the appropriate pharmacy profile elements that was accessed directly from the alert notification.

In addition, the mobile push notifications allow a pharmacist transparency to data on-the-go everywhere inside or outside of the hospital.

    5. Please describe your experience working with M2 Information Systems, Inc.?

M2’s staff has been involved since the inception of the Basal-bolus project. Support response times are excellent!  The staff is professional, cordial and very attentive to our needs.  M2 has done an extremely good job of listening and interpreting our requests in addition to contributing their expertise throughout this initial project.

    6. Would you recommend MicroBloggingMD to other hospitals?

Every hospital should explore the positive clinical impact offered by MicroBloggingMD. We’ve discussed the Basal-bolus project throughout this case study, but, we are working with M2 on many other projects which include Anticoagulation Therapy, Antibiotic Stewardship and IHI (Institute for Health Improvement) Projects, etc. The application’s ability to accept data from disparate systems, format and rapidly deliver results in a meaningful format is extremely beneficial as we look at innovative ways to improve healthcare now and the future!