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The Joint Commission delays secure texting orders. How can you prepare?

While The Joint Commission works with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to clarify rules for texting patient orders, hospitals have new questions to consider.

We’ve had the benefit of discussing this topic with our clients.

Among the concerns are:

  • Questions regarding hospital personnel ordering policy
  • The potential impact on CPOE
  • Auditing order message content to ensure compliance.

Answer: Our MicroBloggingMD secure messaging app was developed precisely to support  a providers ability to expedite patient orders securely while granting full access to clinical intelligence while mobile.

There remains speculation, however, on whether The Joint Commission and CMS will consider a patient order generated by a secure messaging application and posted using current interoperability standards to the electronic patient record as possibly qualifying  for CPOE?

We’d like to help you understand what you need to consider moving forward with HIPAA-compliant Enterprise Secure Messaging. Please contact us today to get your questions answered.