Glendale Adventist Medical Center Turns to MicroBloggingMD to Support Targeted Clinical Initiative

We recently interviewed Romic Eskandarian, Pharm D. Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Glendale Adventist Medical Center after his talk at the Hospital Association of Southern California‘s Southern California’s Patient Safety First Collaborative, a one-day conference attended by hospitals participating in the Patient Safety First program.

Below Eskandarian discusses why he turned to MicroBloggingMD to help improve outcomes and the results his team is achieving. What follows is the first of three blog posts we will be sharing from a recent interview.

Romic Eskandarian: While we have used the MicroBlog for a number of clinical initiatives, our first significant usage was to solve data collection, notification and management issues in a targeted project evaluating efficacy of intensive intervention with hyperglycemic patients.

We were able to incorporate & channel clinical results from pharmacy, chemistry and microbiology using MicroBloggingMD, then pivot and present the data in a meaningful form.  The intervention opportunities presented to us has been very beneficial.

The specific project required evaluating vast amounts of real-time data and performing historical assessments to identify potential candidates for aggressive glycemic intervention. We established a threshold of multiple elevated glucose values within a specific time frame which was adjusted over the course of the project.  We were able to create parameterized alerts from our criteria. Performing these selections manually would require significant resources. The real-time nature of the alerts allowed rapid response and improved outcomes.

The next installment targets specific results being achieved through the Basal-bolus program using MicroBloggingMD.

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