M2 Information Systems’ MicroBloggingMD Implemented Across Five New Hospitals

Edmonds, WA., November 1, 2016– Today, M2 Information Systems announces that MicroBloggingMD (MBMD) has been implemented in Adventist Health System, Anna Jaques Hospital, Simi Valley Medical Center, Sturdy Hospital, White Memorial Hospital and Wood County Hospital. MBMD will offer secure and streamlined communications and clinical information sharing between doctors, physicians and nurses to improve patient care and outcomes within the hospitals

“For decades, we have provided unmatched features and value, bringing together the latest communication and collaboration tools in the healthcare industry,” said Tom Wilkes, president of M2 Information Systems. “MBMD is designed for today’s hospitals. By providing topnotch security and streamlined communications between departments, the HIPPA compliant platform maximizes providers’ time and better meets their care delivery needs.”

MBMD is a secure messaging and clinical alert technology system designed to streamline and improve team-based medicine and communication. Through the platform, clinical data and messages can be viewed and shared across a hospital network and mobile devices. By utilizing an automated process, specific team members or entire groups of people can receive alerts regarding a patient’s name, location and change in status, thus reducing texting time while improving message accuracy.

“MBMD is designed by providers for providers. Eliminating the need for repetitive logins, MBMD is easy to use and helps closely monitor clinical results for early warning signs, while sending real-time alerts when needed,” said Kent Hargrave, chief operating officer of M2 Information Systems. “By implementing MBMD across these five hospitals, we will provide new benefits for their administration, physicians and nurses, while also helping increase their ability to provide seamless care to patients.”

MBMD is adopted or expanded in the following hospitals:

• Adventist Health System of Roseville, CA expands implementation of MBMD to two more Southern California Hospitals – White Memorial Hospital and Simi Valley Medical Center – to improve secure clinical communications and pharmacy clinical decision support.

• Anna Jaques Hospital of Newburyport, MA signs a contract with M2 Information Systems for MBMD to support its 123-bed acute care hospital. The hospital determined that MBMD was the best fit for its needs due to its HIPPA complaint secure mobile text messaging, and its ability to consolidate and manage paper-based physician schedules.

• Sturdy Hospital of Attleboro, MA implements MBMD across healthcare system to support its clinical communication and patient monitoring needs.

• Wood County Hospital of Bowling Green, OH implements MBMD to improve clinical communications and decisions to support its Antimicrobial Stewardship program.

About M2

M2 Information Systems, Inc. is based in the Seattle area and has been developing, installing and supporting hospital applications in the U.S. for 28 years. M2 began developing PC based order management and resulting systems for hospitals in 1983. In the early 90’s they focused exclusively on clinical workflow applications for larger facilities. M2 developed the first hospital web-based clinical systems and has now coalesced that knowledge and experience into MicroBloggingMD (MBMD). Additional information is available at:

About MicroBloggingMD

MicroBloggingMD is a clinical event driven, mobile alert and messaging technology with intelligent and customizable decision support. Subscriptions are used to generate specifically configured messages for clinical events with suggested best practices or standards based responses. All information is processed and delivered via a secure, patented conduit to the centerpiece of the application, MicroBloggingMD. The microblog is accessible via most mobile devices, smart phones or tablets. Additional information is available at

About M2.Webchart.3.7

M2. Webchart.3.7 incorporates all transaction processing and workflow elements of an entire hospital clinical information system in an easy to use and information rich browser format. The application includes modules for all clinical areas including nursing, laboratory, imaging, pharmacy and is supported by a data aware interface engine. Supplemental data from foreign applications is also posted to the clinical data repository and presented to end users in a common, consistent and intuitive format. Additional information is available at

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