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This I believe:

Clinician systems should not be cumbersome, should run on a comfortable platform, should have enough flexibility to adapt to real world situations and should reduce mundane, meaningless effort, not require more. With this philosophy and significant input from our hospital customers we have created the MicrobloggingMD application set.

At a very high level the application is composed of the following:

  • Extensive interfaces powering individually defined subscription alerts.
  • Clinical data repository with mobile EHR.
  • Secure messaging with a physician/hospital awareness for care team collaboration.
  • The MicroBlog has automated routine, error prone review tasks by creating subscription notification events from patient diagnostic or informational data. Subscription events can trigger mobile alerts and are focused on either a specific occurrence or a calculated referential result potentially from a complex multi-layered algorithm.
  • We have also produced a mobile EHR view with data from any available source. Patient lists for individuals and groups serve as a gateway to the comprehensive mobile clinician view.
  • We understand physician workflow and the subtleties of physician communication with administrative staff, with other clinicians and with patients. We appreciate that a doctor should have an individual, highly granular level of control over their personal accessibility.
  • My enthusiastic staff and I have many years of clinical information systems design and implementation expertise. We've worked in hospitals, we've complied with regulations and we've gathered lots of feedback about what works and what doesn't.
  • Our vision for the future is rich in clinician support building from the elements described above. We want physicians to have helpful tools and applications on the device of their choice.

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